The CFD system is a unique technology thanks to which a trader can earn significant capital while selling securities, and our company will help with this.

Contract for currency difference


We are no longer in the 19th century, so there is no need to spend all our time on the exchanges, in an attempt to grasp the many numbers and dates pop up on the monitor. A computer and the Internet are needed to buy and sell securities. You can buy anything - indices, options, commodities, government bonds, stocks and futures contracts thanks to the CFD system.


We give you the opportunity to use the CFD (Contract for difference) system, which allows you to make exchange transactions from the comfort of your home and equip you with various financial tools.


How to apply CFDs to stocks


The price difference contract fixes an agreement between the buyer and the seller on the agreement with the value of the contract at the time of its purchase and the value at the time of the next sale.


You can buy CFD shares of Paramount Pictures at 42 euros per share, after a while the price will increase and rise to 48.5 euros, in such a situation, the buyer of the contract will be obliged to pay you a price difference of 6.5 to 500 q 3,250.


If the share price at the time of completion of the transaction will be lower than when buying - you will pay the financial difference.


The company in transactions with contracts for difference, provides the opportunity to use the leverage 1:100, having only 1,500 euros in the account, you will be able to make any transactions, with sums up to 150,000 euros. The minimum deposit is 10 shares and the maximum is unlimited.


Become a stock trader with a universal broker


The company offers CFDs of large-scale U.S. companies and index stocks of the S'amp;P 500, Dow Jones, NASDA's.



  • Low bail. The mortgage price is 10% of the fixed contract value.

  • Scale and availability. You can operate from anywhere in the world with a computer and the internet.

  • Reporting actions. You can place orders of any type, regardless of the price movement in the market.

  • The commission fee for operations from 0.05%. The lowest market price.

  • We provide a wide range of economic tools for a wide variety of operations.

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