This section provides a number of documents that you need to familiarize yourself with before starting trading on the Forex market or the stock market. This includes: User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Risk Disclosure, others.

To all customers who have read “User agreement” and took part in the email policy applies to the management company.


Broker has the right to send E-mail Client, notifications of upcoming webinars, trainings, additional materials in the form of videos and educational literature, as well as reminders about the regular promotional and bonus offers of the Company. In addition, the service distribution is carried out in the case of a new account verification, Deposit accounts, password recovery and other technical activities.


The company conducts business correspondence only with the official email. All emails sent from the specified domain contain the original templates, logos and design, which are the absolute property of the Company and shall be used by outsiders for their own purposes without the written permission of the financial agent.


After you consent to receive newsletters from the Company, the Trustee undertakes not to send in the e-mail service of the complaint and not to mark incoming mail as spam. In a situation when the Trustee decides to stop receiving newsletters, you must write in response to any letter a short text, which will contain the word "DELETE". After the completed action mailings will be fully discontinued and the recipient will forever exclude from the subscriber base.


If the Trustee fails compliance with Policy E-mail, the broker stops any partnership, then the response will be expressed in automatic or text complaints. Further, contact information, proof of its subsequent breach and confirmation of informed consent was left with the policy will be sent to the mail service, which provides direct services, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.


Failure to comply with Policy E-mail management Company has the right to transfer customer data to third parties and has full authority to act in this way.

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