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Negative reviews about broker


Universal broker is a broker that mediates transactions in the stock markets. The company provides high-quality services, thanks to which trading becomes one of the most profitable and convenient methods of earning money on trading financial assets. Each company has both negative and positive reviews. But most of the reviews are exactly negative, as customers often leave their opinions only if they are dissatisfied with something.


The team analyzed a lot of reviews and came to the conclusion that the majority of clients remain dissatisfied if they do not try to solve the problem. When difficulties arise, some customers do not consider it necessary to understand the trading conditions or contact technical support, instead they prefer to leave negative feedback.


Let us explain the principle of generating negative reviews using the example of large American car rental corporations: Hertz (24 years on the market) and Budget (62 years on the market). If you enter the name of one of these companies in a Google search, the rating will be 2.5 or 2 out of 10. Although it is worth noting that the companies are represented internationally and have been in the market for a long time. It is logical that if you rely on the rating, companies would simply not be able to hold out on the market for so long and get their demand from a potential consumer. This is the case with many financial institutions. It turns out that there are fewer good reviews, since satisfied customers do not consider it necessary to talk about their positive experience with the company.



How should you treat an offshore company? And why do many people write that this is bad for the clients of such companies?


Let's start with the definition. An offshore is a country or territory that provides foreign companies with special conditions for doing business. Analyzing the reviews, specialists found that the company was accused of being offshore, thereby evading taxes and conducting illegal business.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that doing business offshore is related to the fact that the work of a company can bring significantly more profit than with legal registration in the territory of any country that is not an offshore zone. Due to high taxation, doing business in the CIS and the European Union becomes unprofitable, so most companies prefer to register in offshore zones.


Thanks to the offshore, the company is able to make a profit, with the help of which there is a rapid development of the trading platform, on which we provide more favorable and better conditions for customers.



What does the word broker mean and how do such companies make money? Using the broker as an example.


Forex is an international financial market, where the exchange of currencies takes place. Universal Broker is an intermediary when trading in financial markets with various valuable assets and currencies. As the company is an intermediary and has nothing to do with the client's personal funds, we earn on commission from transactions.


Specialists are not interested in losing trades, because the company still takes a commission regardless of whether the trade was profitable or not. We wish our clients only safe and profitable trading.



FAQ about reviews on the website


Why do some clients leave negative reviews?


As our analysts have analyzed, most of the negative reviews are due to the fact that before the start of trading, clients did not have time to familiarize themselves with the "Trading Conditions" or did not undergo preliminary training in trading.


What trading instruments are available on the platform?


On our site you can use such types of trading instruments as: Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Bonds, CFDs, ETFs.


In which section can I view the documents and license of the broker?


You can make sure that trading on the broker is safe in the Documents section

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